Stylists Reveal 7 Hairstyles Women Need To Avoid So They Don't Look Older

Date March 12, 2018

Want to look 5-7 years older? Choose one of the following hairstyles! But seriously, today we are talking about those haircuts and styles that women over 40 need to avoid so they can look younger.


1. Dark Colors

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Dark hair can emphasize wrinkles, make the overall appearance morose and unhealthy. This also includes unnatural colors from the category "old-fashioned chic" - violet, smoky, bluish and bright red.

What to replace? Choose light shades of blond (ashy, caramel, platinum, golden, sand, peach, etc.). It is your "shade" that will help you choose a hue.

2. Boring square with straight bangs

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A flat square, trimmed on a line looks boring. A straight fringe complicates the area of the eyebrows. It is this "fitfulness" and ideality that makes an old face rigorous and severe. Do not rush to age yourself!

3. Overly tight ponytails

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Tight smooth ponytails look good on girls who are engaged in ballet or ballroom dances. For ladies over 30, it seems to age them and turns them into elderly librarians.

You can wear ponytails, but do not tighten them. It's better to, make a relaxed hairstyle with a coquettishly spun lock.

4. Hard curls


Tight spring curls do not look adorable. It ages the face. To not prematurely turn into an old woman, do not take the creation of curls seriously, make them more relaxed and a little careless.

Hair to hair - it's boring, but a light mess will make you charming and a bit frivolous.

5. Excessive strokes

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Owners of fine hair want to make them dense in appearance and voluminous. Everything pretty should be done in moderation, and at its creation, it is important not to get carried away. Make a light volume at the roots and fix it with varnish. A dandelion-style hairstyle will add extra years.

6. Long, loose hair


This hairstyle especially looks especially unflattering on ladies above 40. If it's hard to part with the long hair, it's better to arrange it in neat styles. In cases where you want to soften the look, arrange it in light curls.

Long flowing hair like "icicles" framing the face adds nothing flattering to the frame.

7. Scythe

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"Spit is Russian beauty," our ancestors said. That's why this hairstyle needs to be left in the past. With a scythe, rarely will a woman look stylish and modern.

If you have problems with choosing a hairstyle, contact the stylist. They will help you decide what is right for you, and your task is to maintain the result. Stay beautiful!

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