5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of The Toxins In The Body

Date December 4, 2017 13:44

Our diet, pollution, and our lifestyle are just a few components that influence our well-being and intoxicate our body. Your skin, body, and organs must be detoxed at least once a year if you want to feel full of energy and healthy again. The toxins that build up in our body over time must be eliminated and we can undergo an intensive detoxification by doing it step by step over one month. Here we suggest a list of recipes and activities, but we advise you to talk to your doctor beforehand in order to check whether certain products or activities are suitable for you.

1. Dandelion for the kidneys

When you undergo a detox, you have to monitor every organ and take the necessary measures to eliminate as many toxins as possible. Dandelion helps clean the kidneys and it is considered one of the best detoxification tools. You can put it in a salad or make an infusion and mix it with other herbs.

2. Rice for the liver and the kidneys

Rice is high in potassium which is an important component to boost the elimination of the toxins from the body. During a diet or your detoxification process, you should eat more rice and add some to your dishes.

3. Exfoliate the skin

When it comes to detoxing, it means eliminating the toxins from all organs, including the skin. This organ is the most exposed to pollution and it has to be taken care of frequently. In order to keep it healthy, exfoliate your whole body and start with your feet.

4. Movement for blood circulation

Blood circulation plays an important role in the skin's beauty. If the blood flows correctly, it eliminates the toxins from our body thanks to our movements and breathing. In order to facilitate a good flow, it is better to be active to accelerate your breathing. Therefore, you should try to make more movements, for at least thirty minutes every day. It will positively influence your well-being and your sleep.

5. Water and infusion in order to purify everything

You shouldn't forget that if you want to eliminate the toxins from your body, you need to evacuate them. Therefore, you should drink at least 50 oz (1.5 liters) of water and one infusion a day. Try birch infusions, which are also recommended to fight water retention.

We do hope that these tips will be useful to help you purify your organism. Take care of your body and stay healthy!

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