Difference Between "Expiry" And "Best Before" Dates

Date November 27, 2017

You've likely found yourself in the situation of having thrown out food based on the date shown on the label. If so, you should know something before tossing foods into the trash. The "expiry" and "best before" dates aren't the same thing. While the expiry date indicates a product which is no longer safe to consume, the best before date indicates when a product is susceptible to lose its physical characteristics (smell, taste, etc.), but is still safe to eat.

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Most people don't clearly understand this difference, although it may seem obvious. That's why, in a recent report of the Institute of Food Technologists, Dr. Bob Brackett, the director of the Institute for Food Safety and Health in Illinois, USA, analyzed the differences between the categories which appear on labels.

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According to Brackett, we shouldn't be scared to consume a portion of food that is best before the expiration date. He insists that:

You can probably eat it and not worry about it. Just be aware that it is no longer in its best condition.

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Businesses are obligated to specify their products' shelf lives, including the date produced and minimum shelf life. According to current legislature, in order to regulate this, the manufacturer has to include labels on their products.

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With the world facing the current crisis, extreme poverty and the fragility of older people, it's important to generate strategies which help to raise awareness and reduce spending. It's our responsibility to avoid wasting food when millions of people are desperate for a mouthful of food.

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