5 Health Tips To Having A Young And Firm Neck Without Resorting To Surgery

Date November 29, 2017

Most people follow certain beauty rituals to keep the skin and muscles of the body firm and young. But there is one which is heavily affected by the passage of time and weight changes which is often overlooked: the neck. This area can, as a result of damage over time, take on an unpleasant appearance in those women who want to look beautiful from head to toe.

Just like with the skin of the face, it's necessary to take certain measures to tone and rejuvenate the skin on our neck. With these 5 tips, you can definitely achieve a firm, sensual looking neck.

1. Exercise and massages

Like with any other part of the body, the muscles and skin around the neck need to be toned via certain exercises and special massages. A good exercise is to make an "O" shape with your mouth. You'll feel how it stretches all of the skin of the neck. Repeat this 10 times, holding your mouth in an "O" shape for 5 seconds. Then, try it again while mouthing a "U" sound, and finally, while mouthing an "X". Also, circular massages from the collarbone to the chin are excellent for promoting circulation.

2. A banana mask

A mask made from a mashed banana, an egg white, and a little honey. This can be applied once or twice per week for 15 minutes. The results are usually fantastic.

3. Constant exfoliation

The skin on the neck requires periodic exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and encourage the development of new cells which will give it a more rejuvenated look, with no impurities and better circulation.

4. Ice massages

Apply a cloth with ice cubes to the entire neck area to activate and improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and tone the skin. It's necessary to perform these massages for at least 10 minutes, and can even be done several times per week.

5. Apply essential oils

Many plants have properties which rejuvenate the skin and their essential oils are a staple of any beauty routine. The best are lemons and other citric fruits which are rich in anti-oxidants. Applying them to the neck like any other lotion will bring great results.

There's no longer any excuse for a wrinkly neck! Try these techniques and let us know if they work for you!

Source: Mejor con salud, Hola!, Siempre Mujer

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