10 Small Acts That May Indicate A Man's Seriously Committed To The Relationship

Date December 1, 2017

Hearing "I love you" or "You're special to me" is definitely beautiful and makes us feel loved. But love is such a strong feeling that even those words can't sum up what one really feels. However, there are everyday actions or situations which, although we may not realize it, say more than words ever could.

These are some ways in which a man shows you that he loves you and cares about you, even without saying the words.

1. He constantly communicates with you.

If he can't go a day without talking to you or, even if he saw you in the morning, he arranges to see you again at midday or sends you a message to know how you are, then he really cares about you.

2. He asks for your advice.

If he asks for your advice about his job, family, or personal life, it means that he trusts you and that you're an important person in his world.

3. He pays attention to details.

If he suddenly gives you something that you mentioned you liked a while ag or remembers a special place you said that you like, it means he pays attention to the things you say and has strong feelings for you.

4. You're his priority.

He always puts you first. For example, if he changes his plans in order to be with you, it means that he's really in love with you.

5. He encourages you.

If he really loves you, he'll support you in pursuing your dreams and will always be there to cheer you on.

6. He loves holding your hand.

It's a sign that he loves you and thinks you're special. He's not afraid to show the world that you're the one he wants by your side.

7. He listens to you. /

When you talk, he forgets about everything around him and only has ears for you. This is a sign that he really feels strongly for you.

8. He compliments you.

He cheers you up with positive comments about the way you look, your intelligence or your work. It's a way of showing you that he likes you.

9. He thinks about you.

If he calls you out of nowhere to make plans, it means that he thinks about you and you're an important part of his life.

10. He looks you in the eye.

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Although it may be hard to believe, looks can say a lot. If when you're talking, he looks you in the eye, it means he loves you, that he trusts you and that you're very important to him.

Often, actions say more than 1,000 words and if your partner isn't one of those to always say the words "I love you", perhaps he really does say it with his everyday actions.

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