Clean Brush, Clean Hair: Find Out How To Keep Your Comb In A Perfect Condition


March 28, 2018 12:36 By Fabiosa

Your brushes and combs accumulate a lot of waste when you do not clean them regularly. When it is time to make your makeup brush great again, it should be obligatory to get rid of all those everyday stuff that prevents you from making the comb a perfect means of dealing with your impeccable hair.


Dirty comb - dirty hair

Among the most popular remaining that are accumulated on the brush, you can constantly see the products from the body's own secretions including tiny mites. All this generates a perfect cradle for germs and bacteria that can make the head prone to various infections.

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People are usually afraid that the hair can be weakened by fungus, dandruff, and other unfortunate conditions. That is why it is necessary for you to learn how to clean your brushes and combs properly.

Ways of preserving your brush

For basic cleaning, you should remove the hair that accumulated between the strands with your fingers. Do it on a weekly basis, while the complete renewal can be performed approximately every month depending on the material of the brush. When it is time to complete the full-scale cleaning, you should check that no hair is left to proceed to the next important step.

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In case you have never washed your brush or your routine involves many cosmetic products on the hair, you must regularly clean deep to disinfect and prevent infections. Also, in case you want to preserve your beauty tools longer, you should consider the brush materials:

If you use plastic brushes, it is advisable for you to wash it every month. The soap should be soft like shampoo, and together with warm water it will get rid of the oils. To rinse the soap remaining, just place the comb under the tap until the water stops coming out dirty, and then let it dry in the open air.

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If you are in a hurry, a soft cloth or a paper towel can help. If the brush is plastic, you can get the advantage of using both alcohol and apple cider vinegar. Fill a cup and let the comb soak between 10-20 minutes. Then rinse it with water, and you will see all the dirt coming out with it.

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If it is wooden, be careful with the humidity, as you should not wash it completely. Clean it gently every two months. If the comb is not very dirty, there is no need to wash it completely and risk damaging the brush. You can use an old toothbrush and rub gently between the strands. Do not forget about the sides, they are also in contact with the hair and tend to retain waste.

Keep your comb clean for your hair.

Clean brushes will prevent odors and fulfill their role of unraveling and stimulating hair growth, while a dirty brush carries grease that can complicate preserving your hair in a perfect condition.

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A clean comb will be a good reflection of your own hygiene and care as it is one of the beauty tools that are used most often.

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