Taking Care Of Sensitive Friends: 5 Tips To Extend Your Flowers' Life

Date February 28, 2018 12:03

If you say it is impossible for the most common but at the same time eternally romantic gift to stay fresh and shining for a long time, it means you are not acquainted with our live-extending tips for flowers.


Precious gift

Women are simply fond of receiving flowers. However, what they love even more that is attention. That is why the next time you are buying flowers try to amaze your partnet even more and take care of the bright plants to impress your beloved one. In the face of such occasion, it is important to be prepared to extend the satisfaction of the fresh flowers.

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Therefore, it is essential to know what to do once you received such a fascinating gift at home to make the beauty last as much as possible. These five tips will make the flowers live much longer than you expected.

Life-saving tips

1. Use clean water.

The flowers have small capillaries and are easily clogged. In this sense, the preservatives, the dirt in the environment, the residues in the vase and other external objects can cause problems. To avoid it, disinfect the vase where you put them with hot soapy water and use a good brush to scrub inside. Also, of course, change the water every two days.

2. Cut the stems.

The stems should be cut with a sharp knife and never with scissors because you can risk blocking the capillaries. Also, make sure that the cut has an angle less than 90 degrees; since it allows a greater exposure of the capillaries and more water to flow through the stem. Do this every two days and do not forget to sprinkle some water.

3. Keep them away from any source of heat.

Keep your flowers away from heat sources, fruits, and direct sunlight. These agents will shorten the life of your beauties. Fruits emit ethylene gas, which makes them the murderers of the flowers.

4. Slow down the collapse.

If the head begins to wither it is because the flower can’t get the water up the stem. Keep in mind to cut the bottom of the flower regularly and with the correct angle. The shorter the cut, the smaller the water path to the leaves. If the stems are very short, you can move the flowers to a smaller container or leave them in the bathroom.

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5. Do not use so much food for flowers.

Sometimes the flower food tends to saturate the water where the blooms rest, so it is not necessary to use a complete package of nutrition in the vase. ¼ of this product is more than enough to safeguard the life of your sensitive friends.

Prolonged enjoyment.

In short, taking good care of flowers can marry the effect that your partner wouldn’t mind surprising you again with such pleasant trifle. Follow these tips and enjoy the beauty of the plants for longer.


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