8 Reasons To Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them

Date December 27, 2017

If you are that kind of person who can barely wait to buy a new outfit and wear it on the same day, be careful. Hurrying home as soon as you leave the store to change is never a good idea. It is a normal thing to do, since many people have become quite excited about their new outfit, but this can be a problem when a person is too anxious.

Let us explain why. When you the outfit is new, it may contain allergenic particles stuck to the fabric due to the manufacturing process and transportation. And this can end up causing serious allergies and skin irritations to people who are sensitive. For this reason, it is recommended that you take a deep breath, count to 10 and wait to wear your new clothes just after making sure it is properly washed first.

Except that, in order to avoid ruining the piece during its first ride in a washing machine, there are a few tips which are very important to follow.

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Check some of them out: 

1. Color test

Before putting your new clothes in the washing machine, it is important to wet a small part of it and cover it with white piece of cloth. Then, iron the area.


This will let you know whether the dye used to color the piece is likely to run. If the white cloth is stained or even smudged, do not watch it with any other piece of clothing, for it is likely to stain and spoil them.

2. Separate by color

Whenever you are using a washing machine, it is recommended to separate the washing in two stages: one for the white pieces, and one for the colored one.

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3. Type of fabric

Separate by fabric and adjust the washing cycle according. This is a great way to preserve the piece.

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4. Be careful with the amount of fabric softener and detergent

It is advised to always follow the dosage guidelines recommended by the manufacturer.


5. Use the designated product partition

Never pour the washing products directly on top of the clothes. Almost all washing machines come with adequate partition in which to store them. If your washing machine does not, you should dilute the detergent powder in water before pouring it in the machine, and preferably before adding the clothes.

6. Use fabric softener

The use of fabric softener is recommended not only to help perfuming the pieces, but mostly to soften the fabric fibers.


7. Hang them to dry in the shade

Choosing to hang your clothes to dry in the shade, and in an airy area, helps preserve their color and quality. Remember that leaving your clothes under the sun will speed up the fading process.

8. Don't forget the bed linen

It is also recommended to watch your new bed linens before using them. This also applies to kitchen accessories and bath towels. They also call for some special care before being used for the first time.

Following these simple tips will reduce dramatically the risk of your having allergic reactions!

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