6 New Anti-Aging Habits Approved By Dermatologists

Date November 17, 2017

Dermatologists have approved new techniques and habits that should be taken into consideration by people who would like to keep their skin young for a longer time. Here are some of them:

1. Cholesterol deserves a chance.

Fat in cosmetics makes body cells united and firm. Moisturizers that deliver lipids similar to those naturally produced by the skin are critical for cell renewal and anti-stress reactions. Over time, the level of cholesterol decreases and dryness causes wrinkles to appear. Consequently, mature skin has a greater need for hydration to maintain its luminosity and softness. If you want to assess the degree of water in your body, pinch the back of your hand for 15 seconds. If the skin goes back to its normal form right after it, your hydration is OK. However, if it takes a few seconds to happen, you need to apply a moisturizing cream immediately.

2. Moderate workout improves the skin's appearance.

Raising your heart rate regularly with physical exercises lowers stress levels and activates blood circulation - this is very good for the skin. Workout is good to start as it potentiates the action of antioxidants that fight against free radicals. But be careful not to overdo it as excessive physical exercise has the opposite effect and can cause muscle strain, increase of the enzyme known as CPK and the consumption of muscles that leads to flaccidity.

3. Heat should be avoided.

Heat is bound to stains. Use SPF, a base with color and some product that lowers skin temperature. Apply chilled water whenever possible to refresh the skin and help replenish the moisture lost by the heat. When choosing sunscreen, take one with anti-aging properties, vitamins and anti-free radicals that inhibit cell degeneration. Never give up of sunscreen as it fights visible and infrared light, which leads to degradation of collagen, formation of lines of expression and loss of firmness.

4. Double face cleaning is a great option.

When you are cleansing the skin, repeat the dose if it is necessary to have a really clean face. No, we are not asking you to wash your face several times a day and cause skin dryness, but rather combine two products - oil-based makeup remover to dissolve makeup better, and soap for your skin type to prevent excessive friction. Finish the process with a water-based tonic or micellar water and then hydrate the skin as usual.

5. Rubbing the eyes is prohibited.

Scratching the skin thickens the surface layer and can lead to darkening since melanin is produced as a defense. It is not good to rub the eye area frequently, especially if the person has respiratory allergy and predisposes to the pigmentation of the dark circles. For these cases, we recommend applying an ice pack to relieve the discomfort but never scratch or rub the skin.

6. Microneedle aids in rejuvenation.

This is a treatment with needles that make small cracks on the face conducting the radiofrequency to the deep layers. This causes a warm-up from the inside out. As a result, collagen softens wrinkles and acne scars, whitens stains and makes the skin firmer.

Source: Boa forma

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