7 Steps To An Emotional Detox

Date November 24, 2017

In the same way we choose which food we eat in order to have a healthy diet, we can also choose the quality of the emotions that we "consume" every day. An emotional detox is the cleansing of our emotions and our mind. With the help of an emotional detox, we can be sure of being well and having some peace of mind. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to cleanse our emotions:

1. Avoid negative people, situations, and energies

Unfortunately, there are always people who want to deprive us of our well-being, happiness, and peace of mind. It is not always a conscious thing. More often than not, they do this unconsciously. Nobody is perfect and, if you give it some thought, we do not have the right to label anyone as "difficult" or "negative". These people may simply be stuck in a mind-set which, by itself, is hard to break free from. However, some people seem to prefer anger, resentment, and even hatred - things that no life challenges and difficulties can explain or justify. Therefore, you should purposely put your own psychological and emotional well-being before anything else.

2. Unload the daily stress

Leading a life free of conflicts is a decision. Both internal and external conflicts are part of us. But there is a very curious thing that few people understand: our external conflicts are nothing more and nothing less than an extension of our inner world and our internal battles. It is, therefore, important to understand that these conflicts bring us imbalance and tension. Mental relaxation before sleeping, relaxing massages, stretching, and connecting with nature are some things that can provide invaluable help when it comes to getting rid of the stress we accumulate on a daily basis. And psychotherapy, too!

3. Meditate

Believe it or not, meditation and silence have a healing power over our busy, often chaotic lives. Just by meditating, a person may be able to understand their own essence and realize what their real needs are. Meditation calms the brain, improves the quality of sleep, reduces stress, and brings us closer to ourselves.

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4. Invest in self-knowledge

There is no way to undergo a transformation without some good self-knowledge. Only that can lead us to a balanced and conscious life. Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-achievement are only possible when a person develops their self-knowledge. And remember that conflicting situations and negative energies need to be analyzed first.

5. Learn to focus on the resources available and not on the problems

If you focus on the problem, you will see the problem and nothing else, hence the importance of focusing on the resources available in order to find the fastest and most effective solution. Mentally anticipate the results and be proactive in order to facilitate the organization of strategies and resources.

6. Breathe with you abdomen 

When a child is born, they breathe properly, but, unfortunately, as they grow they forget abdominal breathing and only breathe shallowly. Our body can produce endorphin, a hormone that provides a sensation of pleasure and well-being, without any assistance. In order to do this, we need to take deep and rhythmic breaths that can balance the independent nervous system. Breathing properly is part of an effective emotional detox.

7. Invest in interpersonal relationships 

It is necessary to build individual skills and healthy and emphatic relationships. When we respect people and we take responsibility for our actions towards others, everything seems to get better and more harmonious. In the end, we end up creating lasting relationships of excellent quality.

We would like to believe that these simple tips will bring more peace, harmony and quality to your everyday life! Choose being at peace and there will be no mistake! Good luck!

Source: Pitacos e Achados

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