5 Essential Care Tips For Women With Curly Hair

Date December 4, 2017 11:27

As they say, people usually want what they do not have! That is why women used to get rid of curly hair and find other styles. But this time has passed and curly hair is trending in the whole world! So if you have naturally curly hair, check out these 5 tips that can help you greatly value your hair and style:

1. Dry wet hair wrapped in a T-shirt

There are so many methods for drying hair including the most common one, which is with a hair dryer. However, we would like to present another form that is even easier. After applying combing cream and styling your hair in a way that the curls can form, tie a T-shirt around your head (you will probably have to try more than once to do it). Wait until your hair dries, style it and enjoy the beautiful result!

2. Curly hair with more definition

Apply cream by wrapping the hair up to the root and tie everything with a rubber band, making a small bun for each lock of hair. Use two hair clips for this and make a cross (repeat this procedure all over the head). When removing the clips and bands, use your fingers to separate the curls - do not use combs or brushes!

3. Moisturizing Protein Mask

There are several methods of hair hydration and most of them involve using creams. However, there are some much cheaper ways. A mask with natural ingredients is a great choice for anyone who would like to save money. You will need two ingredients only: eggs and honey. They will help nourish your damaged hair and are perfect for curly and damaged hair. Apply the mixture throughout the hair and leave for 30 minutes. Then apply shampoo and conditioner and you can enjoy beautiful hydrated hair!

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4. Dealing with lost curls

Recovering lost curls is possible in no time! Wash your hair with special shampoo for curls, dry it with a diffuser, use a modeling cream or any other repair cream and a little spray to finish. Apply these products right after bathing, wait until your hair is dry and you will see your curls come back!

5. Do not comb your dry hair

Combing curly hair when it is dry can be a big mistake. The result of this is generally formless, brittle, and a head full of frizzy curls. Apply some product to fight the frizz while the hair is still wet and comb it normally. When it dries, style it using only your hands and don't a brush or comb to avoid ruining the curls.

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