New Year, New Look: 4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of That Inconvenient Jowl

Date January 16, 2018

How often do we admire someone whose face is so well-cared so that they do not look aged, and their body is slender and lean? However, there is something which is not at all harmonious with their look, isn’t there?

It is usually the infamous double chin. A double chin is that flaccid fold of skin and flesh in the underside of the jaw, between the neck and the chin. It can become a nightmare for both men and women at the age of 45 or older, but there are instances in which it can appear much earlier.

Gaining weight or being overweight, hormonal changes, lifestyle, and diet are some of the factors that influence the part of the body that give one’s age away.

1. Exfoliation

When performed with suitable products, developed specifically for your type of skin, exfoliators can help to remove dead cells and promote cell renewal. There are homemade recipes, like sugar and honey, for instance, that can be applied once a week without any contraindication.

2. Firming Creams

Choose the ideal cream for your type of skin - preferably one containing vitamins, collagen and offering specific compounds for that area of the body.

3. Diet

Eating healthier, fiber-rich foods and chewing slowly is one habit that can make all the difference.

4. Exercises

These should be performed with professional guidance so as not to generate discomfort or harm the cervical region. There are some Yoga exercises that stimulate moving the head back and forth and that can help stretch the neck and jaw regions. Other stretching exercises can also help to strengthen sagging parts of the body.

Experts say that plastic surgery is the most widely chosen procedure to deal with double chins in addition to the so-called "facial liposuction," but it is always important to remember that there are several risks involved in every surgical procedure, thus these should be performed under professional care by a reliable medical team.

In general, prevention is always better and easier than finding a cure.

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