Dream Phone: Top 10 Most Helpful iPhone Applications For Women That You May Have Never Heard Of

Date March 14, 2018 15:22

Your iPhone can easily substitute your man. Literally, it is capable of fulfilling so many tasks that if it was possible, you could marry it. However, the main task here is to figure out what functions you need your smartphone to do.

So, that is why there are so many helpful applications that you may have never heard of. Let’s break them down:


Women's device

A recent study has confirmed: Women are more likely to buy iPhones rather than men. The reasons for this are quite simple. First of all, these gadgets are designed as small as possible that ideally fits the female’s hand.

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Secondly, the design is feminine indeed. Seamless edges and round curves are what subconsciously attracts a woman to use the phone. And finally, the number of applications available on the device is countless, meaning everybody can find something for herself.

Dream phone

It is time to fill your iPhone with sense. Check these helpful applications that may benefit your life significantly.

1. myPill®

The app is like a reminder, as it focuses on informing you about the correct time of getting your birth control pills, rings, and patches. It is also capable of tracking your period schedule, doctor checkups, and even can note your symptoms.

2. Companion

Have you ever lost your phone or happened to get in trouble with the inability to ask for help? Well, with this program you just need to set up your destination, time, your friends, and your iPhone will automatically track if you have reached the desired location. In case you haven’t, it will ask you if everything is fine. If there is no response in 15 seconds, your friends will get to know that you must be in trouble.

3. SitOrSquat

From now on, you will not be caught by surprise not being able to find a restroom in an unknown area. The app shows all the nearby bathrooms and asks you to rate them to share with other users.

4. OPI

Test how your nails will look like before painting them. Just choose a color, see if you like it, and proceed with the polish.

5. Nike+ Training Club

If you need to choose among fitness apps, there is no better decision than going after the Nike official tracker. More than 100 workouts contain all types of exercises suitable for everyone.

6. Mint

Make sure your finances are under control. The app will keep track of your bank account, credit card bills, investments, and simple everyday expenses. It will remind you about the necessary payments and will make you an independent woman indeed.

7. Audible

It is not about beauty; literature will save the world. Make sure your favorite authors are always there for you to keep your mind sharp. Simply listen and enjoy.

8. Starbucks

A must-have for coffee lovers. This app has everything: rewards for the purchases, store finder, special deals, paying with mobile, and even more. Earn your free coffee easily.

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9. Spotify

Music lovers also deserve their own app. Spotify will make sure that you are with your favorite songs regardless of place and time. The premium feature even has offline access if you require such.

10. ShopSavvy

Everyday shopping has never been so beneficial before. As you are buying the items, simply scan the barcodes and check whether there are any cheaper variants in the stores nearby. Watch the pennies, and the pounds take care of themselves.

Future features

Perhaps the iPhone is the most desired device in the world, and it is not in vain. Apple keeps their eye on the latest technologies and tries to upgrade their gadgets as quickly as possible.

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Who knows, maybe in the future iPhones will substitute all the household appliances. For now, we are all dreaming of the feature that the smartphone lacks so much – eternal battery.


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