Simple Gardening Hack For Growing Rose Cuttings Using Potatoes

Date February 19, 2018 14:00

Roses are without a doubt, one of the most beautiful flowers known to mankind.

As a home gardener, you might choose to grow your rose bush using seeds or cuttings. If you choose to use rose cuttings (because of the simplicity involved), you should definitely grow your cuttings using potatoes.

It’s a great gardening hack that makes it easier to grow your roses and every home gardener should know it.

But before you dive right in, you're going to need a few things.


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Growing rose cuttings with potatoes - what you need.

Home gardening, as a whole, is about simplicity and being able to use simple materials you can get from your home to grow plants. This short list covers all the main requirements for growing rose cuttings with potatoes:

  • 6 to 8 inch rose cuttings from a healthy rose bush;
  • potatoes (usually one per rose cutting);
  • drill bit, pencil or metal probe;
  • rooting hormone powder or gel;
  • empty plastic bottles;
  • flower pot (optional).

How to plant rose cuttings with potatoes.

The first thing you need to do is prepare your cutting.


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Cut off the flower, and cut any leaves it may have in half. This is to ensure that the cutting does not lose moisture through the leaves and to also enable the cutting to grow properly.

Next, identify nodes on the cutting where there are sprouts of roots. Cut off the end after that node, and place the rose cutting in a jar of water.

Take your potato and create a hole about 2-3 inches in depth. A quick note here is that the hole should not get to the other side.

If you are using a flower pot, fill it with loose, well-tilled soil; otherwise, ensure you have an area of your garden with loose soil where you will plant the cuttings.

Dip the lower portion of the cutting into the rooting hormone powder or gel, and then place that portion in the hole you made in the potato. Then place the potato on the soil (in the flower pot or at the planting site) and cover it up with more soil.

Next, remove the cover of the empty plastic bottle and cut the bottom of the plastic bottle, so it resembles a homemade funnel. Then use it to cover the rose cutting, with the bottom of the bottle covering the soil around the cutting.

Follow these easy steps and you’d be well on your way to growing your rose bush using potatoes.

However, there are a few things to consider when planting roses.


Growing roses: special considerations.

Every plant is different and each one has conditions that must be met to get optimal growth.

When planting roses, keep in mind that the planting site should both offer exposure to the sun while maintaining shielding from sunlight in the hot afternoons. This is to ensure the growing rose bush receives adequate sunshine without drying up.


Water the soil adequately (preferably, every other day), however, avoid making it too muddy.

Also, ensure to protect your rose bush from freezing in the winter, especially in the first year.

Generally, it will take about 2 months for your rose cutting to root properly; however, as the potato decomposes around it, you can be sure your rose cutting is being supplied with the adequate nutrition it requires to help it grow and keep it healthy.

You can try these out on your own and feel free to share your experience with us.

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