Christmas Decorations: 3 DIY Christmas Crafts Kids Can Try Out This Holiday

Date December 11, 2018

By now, just about everyone can feel the celebration vibes everywhere.

Whether it’s a supermarket you walk into or a friend’s home you stopped by, you find that everywhere is already lit up with lights and other decors that match the season.

But why the whole craze about decorations anyway?

Why people started decorating Christmas trees

While we would love to claim that the history of Christmas trees has something to do with Christmas and the birth of Christ, history proves otherwise!

It is said that the tradition dates as far back as thousands of years ago and was basically used to decorate homes during the winter holidays. This decoration, however, wasn’t exactly in celebration of Christmas but as a way to keep each other in remembrance of the coming spring.

However, since many of the decorators later turned to Christianity and the celebration of Christmas fell within the same winter holidays, the tradition was simply carried over.

Best Christmas craft

Asides from the popular fir tree used in decoration during Christmas it is also quite common to find lights and other decorative materials being used as well.

It is common to find people using ribbons, cardboard, balloons and so on, together with the fir trees in decorating their homes at this time. Hence, we looked up some really cook decorative crafts out there. Some of them were even made by kids!

DIY Christmas ornaments

1. Ribbon wreath

This is probably the easiest Christmas craft ever requiring just three materials to make:

  • a ring-like object;
  • ribbons (2-3 complementary colors preferably);
  • a pair of scissors.

You simply cut the ribbons and tie them to the ring while making sure to widen the flaps after knotting the ribbon.

2. Paper plate Christmas crafts

Not only do these crafts look beautiful, they can be quite fun to make as well.

It is made with paper plates, foams, and cardboard.

Like one commenter said, they can make for a great Christmas activity for your preschoolers too.

3. Barbie Christmas craft

Beginning with just a piece of the foam ball, you can make virtually anything with this craft.

This particular one was made with red buttons and white buttons of different sizes stitched all over the foam ball.

Then right on top of it was a red ribbon carefully placed there with dropping ears that the whole craft appears just like a real Barbie.

Let’s hear from you. Which of these crafts do you find interesting or will likely be trying out this holiday?

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Some other DIYs to make your holiday

The holidays are a magical time for kids. Decorate your home with these easy and fun Christmas crafts and your children will love them. 

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