4 Tips To Make Christmas Preparations Safer For Children


December 8, 2017 10:34 By Fabiosa

Christmas won't be the same without the traditional tree that the whole family decorates together. All those shiny toys and lights are bound to attract the attention of children. We, as parents, have to make sure that our children are safe. There are safety rules that help us keep the situation under control.


1. Choose carefully

One of the most important rules is to buy the right tree. It should be fresh - falling needles can harm a child. In addition, it shouldn't be very big so you can put it somewhere a child can't reach.

2. Setting up

A Christmas tree should be set up is a corner farthest from radiators and not too close to the entrance.


Most importantly, make sure that the tree is set up firmly so that your child won't be able to push it.

3. Safe toys

Glass balls and figurines always look beautiful but aren't the safest choice for a home with children. Instead, use the paper, textile, or plastic ones.

If your child helps you to decorate the tree, use those toys that don't have sharp or tiny details.


Another decoration rule is to get rid of the figures of anything edible - children will eagerly try to eat them. Pay special attention to the lights you use. The bulbs should be closed and all wires have to be hidden.

4. Adults safety

This beloved magical holiday that we all like can turn into a disaster if adults don't pay enough attention to their child. The holiday season brings many dangers to our homes. Among the most perilous ones is a shining Christmas tree with fragile decorations and the festive food that is rarely useful for small children. Besides, parents are often distracted by their friends of preparations.

That is why the first few years after the birth of a child, Christmas and New Year festivities should be calm and peaceful to keep the baby happy and safe.

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