Victoria Beckham's Beauty Hacks: 5 Makeup Tips From The Star

Date December 7, 2017

Many people know her as the Posh Spice of the legendary 1990s girls band Spice Girls and the loving wife of the world-famous soccer player David Beckham.

But Victoria Beckham is not that simple: She is a successful businesswoman, a talented fashion designer, and a true fashion icon for millions of people around the world. And today, we are going to tell you about the five best makeup tips and tricks the legendary woman uses herself.

1. Five-Minute Face

This quick tutorial was released by Vogue in 2016. In the video below, Victoria Beckham shows how to create what she calls a “London look.”

While the clip was initially created to promote the new makeup line, it is quite helpful and can be a source of inspiration for many women who crave to look just like their favorite star.

2. Perfect Skin

In this video, the former Spice Girls star shows some of the tricks she uses to make her skin look more shiny and flawless. Pay attention to the movements of her brush and the areas Victoria highlights the most.

3. Red Carpet Ready Eyes

The next video gives a bit more detailed explanation on how to create Victoria's famous “London look,” focusing on the eye makeup. Traditionally, Victoria uses her original cosmetics, but you can try to recreate the look with the makeup products of your choice.

4. Take On Pink

This time, Victoria tells about creating the effect of a sun-kissed skin. Follow the star's advice on which areas to pay the most attention to in order to create the perfect look.

5. Eye Opener

This trick will help those who want their eyes to look larger and fresher. In the video below, Victoria explains why it is so important to use a light color along the lower lash line.

These were the five best beauty tips shared by the legendary Victoria Beckham. And even though in all these videos, she uses the beauty products made by her own cosmetic company, you can still use her advice and techniques in your daily makeup routine.

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