Tutorial On DIY Christmas Decorations: Easy-To-Make Burlap Christmas Trees, Ornaments, And Wreaths

Date November 30, 2017

Crafting Christmas decorations out of burlap is easy yet very exciting. But with all these amazing ideas available on the Internet, it may be hard for you to make a choice. So, today, we have picked some of the most interesting and easy-to-make ideas for burlap Christmas crafts.

Burlap Christmas trees

Little Kevin McCallister used to ask his mom: “How could you have Christmas without a Christmas tree?” But instead of buying fake pines and decorating palm trees, we suggest you make a real Christmas tree out of burlap. Thankfully, there are plenty of interesting ideas for your inspiration.

Use a cone-shaped basis to create the body of the future tree and fixate all these layers.

Try combining different colors to make your tree look less boring.

And don't forget to add various beads, lace, and little star as a topper.

Burlap Christmas ornaments

If you want to make some unusual ornaments for an actual Christmas tree, try sewing a few burlap figures. You can choose nearly any shape you want, starting from stars and hearts to tiny Christmas boots.

Just like with the trees, you are free to experiment with both shape and color of your crafts.

If you have any filler (like polyester filler), you can try to stuff your little toys with it.

If you are not very good at sewing, you can try making an angel out of a few pieces of cloth.

To make your rustic doll look prettier, use a nice white lace or beautiful beads.

Also, you can try making large flowers or bows and hanging them on your Christmas tree.

While being extremely easy-to-make, these ornaments look awesome.

Burlap Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreath is, perhaps, one of the most important items among all the holiday decorations. It is virtually the first thing people see when they come to your house.

So, you'd make sure you put a nice and original wreath on your door, and we will help you boost your creativity with some fine ideas.

There are many different ways to make a burlap wreath. Some people choose one of the easiest ways possible and simply wrap burlap and lace around the basis.

The others choose a bit more difficult solution, cutting the cloth into dozens of little pieces and making different decorations out of them.

Using various techniques, you can turn these burlap pieces into something that looks like flowers or leaves.

And of course, there are these amazing Christmas wreaths that look like they have been covered with countless burlap bubbles.

By combining different colors and sizes of cloth, you can make a wreath that is both unique and very beautiful.

And if you do not know how to make these burlap bubbles for your Christmas wreath, watch the video below.

Create fabulous Christmas decorations to get your house fully prepared for the upcoming winter holidays. Or use these ideas to make sweet and remarkable presents for the most special people in your life.

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