Rinsing Pasta, Sifting Out Flour, And Other 7 Grandmas' Lifehacks That Should Not Be Used Anymore

Date January 16, 2018 11:36

We do not live in antiquity, and we have all the achievements of the modern science and technology at our disposal. So why do we still opt for something old and then resent that it doesn't work? Yes, there’s a good argument: "Our mothers and grandmothers did that…" It sounds familiar, doesn't it? Of course, grandmas need to be respected, but they lived in completely different conditions. Here are some of the pieces of advice that should not be followed anymore.

1. Sifting out flour

Putting flour through a sieve is done for two purposes: to remove lumps and to saturate flour with oxygen. Indeed, in the last century, it made sense. But nowadays, when you buy flour, it is already sifted. And there’s no need to saturate it. Just imagine, you have aerated your flour and then mix it with water. All the oxygen just goes away! Instead, what you should do is to knead your dough to make it fluffier.

2. Using unrefined oil

You might have heard that it is tastier and richer in vitamins. But you should not use unrefined oil for frying in any case, as it may form harmful compounds when exposed to high heat.

3. Rinsing pasta

Many may wash pasta after draining to remove the starch. But it should not be done. In fact, when rinsed, it loses its flavor and becomes tasteless.

4. Nosebleeds

The main mistake is throwing your head back. Instead, you should slightly bend it forward to let the blood drain and then clamp the nose with two fingers just above the nostrils for about 10 minutes, but no more.

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5. Snake bites

Again, the major mistake is sucking the poison out of the bitten area. First, the victim must lie down to slow down the spread of the venom. Then, the affected limb must be immobilized.

6. Whitening the bath with a mixture of soda and vinegar

Some suggest taking 4 tablespoons of soda, rubbing the bath, and then applying the mixture of vinegar and bleach. Yes, this method can clean the top layer of the bath, but only partially. It cannot cope with stains.

7. Using toothpaste on pimples

This advice is very, very old. Unfortunately, it is both useless and dangerous. Applying a toothpaste, at best, just makes a small area of the skin drier, but the pimple will not go away. What is worse, you can get a red or irritated face skin.

8. Heating the salt in a frying pan before making pancakes

This is nonsense. Frying pancakes is primarily affected by a quality of the frying pan and not by the use of salt.

9. Getting rid of freckles

You might think of different home remedies, like fresh cucumbers, parsley, lemons... Undoubtedly, such cosmetic procedures are useful. They really have a lightening effect and give the skin a feeling of freshness. But they will not help get rid of pigmentation and freckles.

With time, there are newer, better ways of dealing with various issues, and we should keep up!

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