Life On The Run: 10 Easy Hairstyles That Can Be Done In Less Than 5 Minutes

Date December 12, 2018 19:30

We live in a busy world and quite often, there is simply not enough time to style our hair in a fancy way. That is why it may be necessary to know simple tricks and pieces of advice on how to quickly make a unique and beautiful hairstyle. We picked up the loveliest and, at the same time, simplest and fastest options for you. With them, you will look chic, and your friends or colleagues will not even guess that it took you less than five minutes to do your hair.


This option is extremely elegant and feminine: a perfect hairstyle to rock on a date. Make a flower up-do out of a loose braid and wear the rest of the hair down. Straight or curly – it's up to you.

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Regular casual buns are so boring! To diversify your look, make a stylish bun out of one big braid and wrap smaller side braids around it. It is a stunning option for hot weather.


If you are a shoulder-length-hair girl, you can play with your strands. By tying sections from both sides, you can create a wonderful look and complement it with accessories, such as bands, bows, or pins.


This one is pretty much similar to the previous option, but it will look much better on someone with longer hair. After you tie the top section, take a lower side strand and pull it through the tail. Then take a strand on the other side. Repeat until there are no more sections. In the end, finish off your look with a hair band of your choice.

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You will need many elastic bands to create this hairstyle, depending on your hair length. The only difference with the previous one is that you will pull side strands through tail sections by taking turns. That’s it!


For this one, you will need to make a side French braid and comb the hair to one side. Then, tie everything in a low ponytail. This hairstyle will go with every look.

There are also numerous 1-minute tutorials on the internet if you need to get ready even faster. Here’s one of such useful videos.

There are plenty of options, so everyone can find something to their liking.

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