Tutorial On How One Can Grow Ginger At Home

Date November 30, 2017

Ginger is one of the most delicious and healthy spices. It has a lot of benefits for people's mental and physical abilities. Ginger finds a wide application in food and medicine around the world.

Ginger in food and medicine

Ginger is usually used in the dried or powdered form. It’s better when the spice has a strong flavor. It can be added to drinks (tea or coffee), sauces, and bakery products. Pickled ginger is a perfect snack for sushi.

Ginger has a wide application in medicine. It has proved its benefits in treating such disorders as arthritis, osteoarthritis, ulcerative stomach disease. It helps improve appetite and normalize fat and cholesterol levels.

A drink made from ginger, honey, and lemon is a great remedy to treat a cold, especially in the winter period. A recent research showed that ginger can prevent a kidney failure.

Ginger extract is widely used in aromatherapy; it helps improve the nervous system and cope with emotional disorders.

How to grow ginger at home

First of all, you need to place a ginger root in warm water for 24 hours. Then, cut the root into several parts and let it dry.

Place the root into a pot of soil; it must be loose and not firm.

Pour the root with water once per week. It usually takes about 8 months until the plant will grow.

You can watch a detailed tutorial on how to grow ginger in the video below.

Ginger tea benefits

Ginger tea has lots of benefits. It’s a great antioxidant that helps improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and get rid of stomach disorders. Besides, ginger tea has a magic effect when it comes to the problem of weight loss.

Nothing beats cold in winter like a hot cup of delicious ginger tea. Here are two recipes how to make a tasty and healthy ginger tea.

An Indian proverb says “Everything good is found in ginger.” This simple and healthy spice can help feel good, especially during long and cold winter.

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