Easy And Fast Way To Fix Bra Underwires

Date November 21, 2017

Almost every lady knows what a pleasure it is sometimes to take off a bra at the end of a very long day. Even when women spend much time and money choosing whatever they really need and whatever is really comfortable for them, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be happy to take it off after long hours.

But sometimes, it gets even worse with that exposed underwire, which pokes ribs and annoys with every movement that was made. Oftentimes, it becomes the only thing women can think about during the day. If it happens, the first thought is to throw that broken bra away and never see in again.

But it turned out there is no need to throw it away, as it is possible to give a second life to the bra. It takes just a few minutes, and the result goes beyond all expectations.

At first, it is necessary to take a medical tape and scissors. The next step is to pop the wire back into the bra. It may look that the problem is already fixed, but a few more steps are important.

Love Your Clothes / YouTube

Love Your Clothes / YouTube

The sticky tape should be put over the area with a hole. It is really thin, which is good for the skin. In order to have a more permanent solution, it might be a good one to put some stitches.

So, there are two various options of fixing the bra underwires. The first one is just to put a medical sticky tape on the place where the wire pops out. The second one requires putting some stitches. The author of the video mentions that she prefers the first option, as it is much more comfortable.

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