4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Pumpkin

Date October 17, 2017

Autumn is the time of pumpkins. There are dozens of ways we can use this fruit, starting from making delicious treats to creating impressive carved figures. Despite what you are going to do with a pumpkin, the main question is how to pick the best one. Here are a few easy tips that may help you choose the best orange gourd for whatever you have in mind.

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1. Size and weight

There are two main reasons why people are looking for a pumpkin: to cook or use it for Halloween decorations. No matter what is your reasoning, the first thing you should pay special attention to when picking a gourd is its weight.

The basic rule is simple: the heavier the pumpkin is for its size, the better. Heavy pumpkins are more likely to have more flash, and flash is the most valuable part of it.

2. Color

Perfect pumpkin ought to have an evenly-colored shell, without any discolored or damaged areas. However, if there are no fruits with a perfectly orange shelf left, look for the one that has little green spots on it. In contrast to the pumpkins with pale areas, the ones with green spots on them can be turned fully orange. All you have to do is to put your pumpkin somewhere not too hot but with a lot of sunlight and leave it there for a while. In time, the shell will change its color to orange.

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3. Stem

You can easily say whether or not the pumpkin is healthy by taking a closer look at the stem. A pumpkin of high quality always has a strong and sturdy stem. Those with weak, thin, and dry stems, on the other hand, usually lack both water and nutrients.

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4. Sound

Aside from the pumpkin's appearance, you need to pay attention to the sound it makes when you knock it. Pick only those that make resonant, hollow sounds. These pumpkins are fresh and mature. If a pumpkin makes a dull sound, it may signify that it wasn't stored properly or was harvested too late and is most likely frozen.

Additional tip: store your pumpkins properly

Finding the perfect pumpkin is only a half of the case. Once you've brought your orange gourds home, you need to think about the way you are going to preserve them. When stored properly, pumpkins can easily last until Christmas or even longer. Just make sure you keep all the gourds in dark but dry place with enough fresh air.