5 Clothes That Suit Women Nicely And Tips On How To Look Great Wearing Them

Date November 20, 2017 11:44

Picking the perfect outfit takes a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, there are a few clothing items that can make this challenging task a bit easier and help women stop wasting their time on it. So, here are five universal clothes that suit perfectly any woman of any age, height, and type of figure.

1. A pencil skirt


A pencil skirt is one of the must-have clothes for any woman. It suits ladies of all ages and statures as well as fits the dress-code of nearly any occasion. But, perhaps, the biggest benefit of this one is that it looks great with most kinds of shoes and tops.

Tip: pick a looser pencil skirt made of thicker materials to hide some drawbacks of your figure. Experiment with different colors if you want to make your outfit look more casual.

2. A shift dress

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A straight shift dress is something that can be worn for any occasion, starting from a business meeting to a party with friends and family. The best thing about this dress is that it makes a person feel more comfortable and gives them more freedom while keeping their appearance elegant. The same rule works for T-shirt-dresses as well.

Tip: in this case, picking your exact size is essential. Also, avoid wearing too loose dresses, especially if they are made from heavy materials. And do not forget about accessories: a thin belt will emphasize your waistline and will make the whole outfit look more classy.

3. A sheath dress


As unbelievable as it may sound, a sheath dress in one of the most universal outfits. When picked wisely, this kind of dress emphasizes all the positive sides of a person's stature and hides everything they do not want to show.

Tip: women with slim figures may wear close-fitting dresses, while those with ample curves should lean toward loose-fitting models made from thicker materials. And if you want to make your figure look a bit slimmer, pick a dress with a contrasting color insets on its sides.

4. A tweed jacket


Tweed jackets are popular among both men and women. They are comfortable and look pretty stylish. But the best thing about this clothing item is that it can be combined not only with formal suits but with casual wear as well.

Tip: when picking a jacket, always make sure it fits your shoulders: the jacket should be neither too tight nor too wide.

5. Mule shoes


Mules are backless sleep-on shoes with a shallow mouth. Women love them because they are very comfortable and look great with nearly any outfit.

Tip: keep a pair of mules at your office, so you can take off your high-heeled shoes and wear something more comfortable whenever you feel like it. Your feet will appreciate that.

Pick your clothes wisely and always choose the ones that suit you the best. After all, feeling comfortable and confident is just as important as looking stylish.

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