New Research Talks About The Importance Of Touch For Human Health

Date December 18, 2017

More and more research is confirming the importance of physical contact. Scientists from the University of North Carolina are bringing forward convincing data about improvements in the well-being and emotional background of those who often hug others and in return receive pleasant sensations themselves.

Lovers of 'hugs' explain their tendency to hug other people with good intentions, ''I cheer up, feel happy and ready to move mountains!'' There is also a scientific explanation for this.

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Hugs produce endorphins.

From the point of view of the processes going on in the body, a person who hugs produces oxytocins and hormones of happiness, endorphins. The latter cause a sense of euphoria and the former reduce depressive states, extinguish anxiety and arise a sympathetic disposition towards other people.

Also, blood pressure lowers, hemoglobin levels may increase, the immune system strengthens, which reduces the development of different diseases and the penetration of infections into the body. Be sure that happy, cheerful people are rarely ill.

What else goes on in the body of a person when someone hugs them or when they share their hug with someone else?

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Psychologists confirm that the manifestation of tenderness when touching provides positive emotions and a good mood. Children who have been hugged, stroked and held by the hand have good mental and emotional development and adapt in society more quickly. They are calm and friendly, sympathetic and not aggressive.

When a child feels a lack of hugs, their development may be slow and they may have psychological abnormalities. When they grow older, such children will have a hard time showing love towards others, as they are not familiar with its manifestation.

Hugs give adults a sense of security, confidence, and pleasure. People overcome unpleasant situations more calmly and accept tragic news easier if there is someone holding their hand, supporting their elbow or if someone has put their hand on their back.

Surveys have shown that for men it is important to get a sense of warmth and security in hugs. At these moments, women feel loved and cherished.

Creative people are usually more emotional. That is why touching, hugs, and strokes sometimes give them inspiration for new masterpieces. For example, the writer George Simenon used to visit a manicure salon to feel the pleasant touch of gentle hands from the salon employees.

For the same purpose, Picasso went for a back massage in order to get tactile contact. Soon after the massage, muses visited him with new ideas for artistic creation. /

In the era when active virtual communication dominates, the question of touching and hugging is very relevant. It's easier for friends to send an appropriate smiley instead of really meeting and giving their time and emotions to the other person. Experiments have shown what amount of hugs will be sufficient. Children need at least eight hugs a day, adults need at least six. Less than that is not recommended, more than that is welcome!

'Hugging' rules

There are a few points that you need to consider when touching another person, as it is an invasion into their personal space. Not everyone supports the behavior of immediately hugging another person as an answer to their hug. Some people may have the opposite reaction and they could become closed off.

Thus, you should do the following:

1. Respect the feelings and desires of the other person.

If you can see or feel that the person isn't disposed to physical contact or that it may be unpleasant for them, do not insist and open your arms to hug them. You should be especially careful towards people that are not very familiar and to the representatives of the opposite sex if you're not close relatives.

2. Realize what kind of hugging is acceptable.

You can hug your relatives and close friends, hold them tight and stroke their back and head. However, you'd better be more restrained with colleagues or unfamiliar people and find a light touch to their hand or shoulder enough.

3. Take nuances into consideration.

Rubbing up against a prickly cheek, touching a beard, or feeling a long fingernail on the back are not the most pleasant moments for the other person. Take these points into account when you are going to embrace someone.

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Hug lovers even came up with an International Hugging Day which is celebrated on January 21. This, however, doesn't mean that you should wait for this day once a year. Hug more often and longer when you are willing and in the mood to support someone.

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