7 Tips On How To Eat The Right Amount Of Food

Date January 18, 2018 13:37

It's very important to have a balanced diet in order to stay healthy and in shape. One of the hardest things is to know what is the right food to eat and the portion size. So, today we'll show you a simple, but a very effective method to determine the right portion sizes, and all you need are your hands!

The secret to your nutrition is literally in the palm of your hand. To begin with, you should know that your five fingers represent the five meal times you should have each day: Breakfast, a snack before lunch, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.

Now we'll show you how to measure food portions using just your hands.

Carbohydrates - A fist

A fist full of pasta, rice, potatoes, or semolina is more than enough.

Protein – One palm

You need an amount of protein which fits in the palm of your hand, whether it be meat, fish, or tofu.

Cheese – Two fingers

Although delicious, you only need to eat a two finger portion of cheese to get enough calcium for your body.

Fats – A fingertip

You just need a fingertip of butter or oil in your food.

Fruits and vegetables – Two handfuls

It's just what you need.

Sweets – One thumb

The thumb is the exact amount of sweets, be it jelly, honey, or chocolate.

Desserts – A closed fist

Be it ice cream, cake or pie, you shouldn't eat any more than this amount.

With this easy-to-follow trick, now you'll know exactly how much you should eat. Remember that your health must always come first!

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