5 Tips That Can Help Get A Good Night's Sleep

Date December 28, 2017 15:30

Many people all around the world have trouble sleeping, and all of us know very well how unpleasant insomnia can be. Long hours of tossing, turning and counting sheep can literally ruin your daily life. Insomnia dramatically changes everything starting with your mood to your health.

Doctors say that more than 70 million of people suffer from different types of sleep disorders in the United States. Our schedules are so busy, that we usually haven’t enough time for falling asleep! Here are some very useful tips that will help you switch to sleep mode very fast.

1. Darkness

Darkness helps our brain understand that it is time to sleep, and on the contrary bright lights make us stay awake. So try to make your room dark when you are going to bed. If it is impossible or you have to fall asleep in an unsuitable environment, try a good eye mask. This useful thing helps to create soft darkness for better sleeping.


2. Avoid noise

Noise is another problem that can stop you from good sleeping. It can be very irritating when you are tired and trying to get some rest. You can buy some sleep headphones that are amazing if we are talking about blocking out sounds. If you want, you can play nature sounds or meditations for the better result.

3. Think about 4-7-8 breathing

This trick was discovered by Dr. Andrew Weil, and it is a good way to calm down. Just inhale through your nose while counting to 4, and then hold this breath for seven counts and finally exhale slowly while counting to 8. This simple trick from yoga helps your body to relax, so your brain can easily wind out.

4. Try aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used for centuries as natural remedies so that we can try them in the case of insomnia too. Chose lavender, neroli, orange essential oils for this purpose and you will fall asleep very easily. Essential oils help our brain release feel-good endorphins and relax.

5. Use your senses

As it turns out, visualization is a very effective way to relax. But when you imagine relaxing environment in your mind, try to use all your senses.


What does this scene smell like or feel like? This tip will help your mind feel free and beautiful sleep will not be long in coming.

Source: Food Matters

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