6 Effective Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings For Good

Date January 15, 2018

It can be very hard to maintain a healthy diet, and most of us tend to crave sugary snacks a lot. They are tasty, and it can be almost impossible to refuse another candy to cope with the afternoon slump. Moreover, the taste of sugar makes your body produce endorphins and relax you. That’s why it can be so difficult to stop.

The thing is that sugary foods can make you crave more sugar. It is because simple carbonates without proteins and fats satisfy hunger very quickly, but at the same time they leave quickly too, and you feel unsatisfied again and crave more.

Well, eating something sweet is normal, but too much sugar can be harmful to your health. Doctors say that the main problem with simple carbonates is overeating. Sugar is added to many processed foods, so it is very easy to consume too much.

Here is what you can do to fight sugar cravings.

1. Combine your favorite foods.

It can seem impossible to stop eating cookies, but you can make your snacks healthier and satisfy your sugar craving too. Mix your favorite craving food with something more beneficial for your health. For example, if you like chocolate, you can combine an apple or a banana with chocolate sauce. As a result, your chocolate craving will be satisfied, and at the same time, you will get healthy nutrients from fruits.

2. Chew a stick of gum.

If you want to stop sugar cravings completely, try some gum. Studies have demonstrated that chewing gum can reduce food cravings.

3. Grab fruits.

Keep fruit in your bag or on your table for when sugar cravings start. It is a great choice because you will get some sweetness along with nutrients and fiber. You may also prepare healthy snacks such as seeds, nuts or dried fruits. It is very important to keep them handy, so you can reach them easily instead sweets.

4. Eat a meal if you are hungry.

Sugar cravings have nothing to do with hunger. But when you are hungry and get a carving it makes the situation even worse. You just can’t overcome your sugar cravings if you don’t eat regularly. Eating every several hours can keep your blood sugar levels stable and this in turns can help to avoid the irrational eating behavior.

5. Go for a walk. When sugar cravings hit, get up and go.

The thing is to change your usual scenery, so take a walk around your block to take your mind off sugary foods. If you can’t go outside, you can do several sets of push-ups or body weight workout.

6. Be organized.

You may use planning sheets to prepare your plan for the next day or even for the whole week. It can help you consume proactively and make healthy decisions.

You can try one of these ways or do two or three. You may need more than one tip to fight sugar cravings. It can be beneficial to use various strategies to figure out what is good for you.

This article is purely for informational purposes. Do not self-medicate, and in all cases consult a certified healthcare professional before using any information presented in the article. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for harm that may result from using the information stated in the article.