Study Shows A Link Between The Use Of Hormonal Birth Control Pills And Breast Cancer

Date December 13, 2017

For many years, women have been reaping the benefits of hormonal birth control pills. Since it became approved in May 1960 by the FDA, it quickly gained popularity as one of the most effective methods of contraceptives.

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However, due to the complexity of the pill, many researchers have taken a deeper look at the possible long-term complications from its use. In fact, The pill is one of the most researched and studied of all medications. From earlier research, it was evident that the birth control pills are generally safe to use. However, a recent study is asking doctors to take a closer look at those they prescribe birth control pills to.

Birth control pills were linked to breast cancer

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicineit was found that they may be more risk to taking the birth control pills than formerly realized. In fact, a researcher from the University of Copenhagen, Ojvind Lidegaard, says a continuous intake of the pills may give women a 20% higher risk of getting breast cancer.

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Evidently, the longer you have been using the pills, the higher the risk. The study shows that women who have been using them for less than a year had a 9% risk; however, for those that have been taking the pill for about 10 years or more, the risk increases to as high as 38%.

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Researchers made their conclusions from some data gotten from Denmark where all filled prescriptions are recorded. They matched the prescription information to a cancer registry to see if there is any link between contraceptives and breast cancer.

Lead researcher, Ojvind Lidegaard says those who use emergency birth control pills (Plan B) have a higher risk of breast cancer when compared to the rest.

Even though the results of the study may be a little concerning, experts say the overall risk is quite small. To put it in perspective, FOX reported that out of 77,000 women who use contraceptives every year, only one was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Women are advised to look at the big picture and take into consideration the benefits of the pills, which incidentally, may actually reduce the risk of cancer.

Pros of birth control pills

Previous research has suggested that women who are on birth control pills are only 1/3 as likely to get ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer as those who don't. In fact, this protection from cancer may last up to 30 years after the woman stops using the pills.

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The studies also show that when you use combination of pills for 6 years, you can lower your risk of these cancers by up to 60%.

From the above, it's safe to say when the pros are weighed against the cons, then the pills can be more beneficial to the body than harmful.

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