5 Health Benefits Of Zucchini: From Weight Loss To Preventing Cardiovascular Problems

Date November 17, 2017 17:06

Italy's gift to the world

Zucchini (called ‘courgette’ in British English) is a type of summer squash. Summer squashes are harvested before their seeds and skins harden. Zucchini was brought to the US from Italy in the early 20th century. Its name comes from the Italian word ‘zucca’, which means ‘gourd’. Zucchinis can be green, bright yellow, or orange. Zucchini can be eaten raw or cooked, and it can benefit your health in both forms.

5 benefits of zucchini

Zucchini can be a part of weight-loss diet

It’s super-low in calories: 100 g of fresh zucchini contain only about 17 calories. Zucchini is free of saturated fats and cholesterol and its peel is rich in fiber. It can be added to many dishes that can help you lose excess weight.

Zucchini is rich in antioxidants

Zucchinis contain flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants, such as carotenes, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Antioxidants help fight free radicals, which are thought to contribute to the development of cancer. Lutein and zeaxanthin may also help protect your eyesight.

Zucchini contains potassium

Potassium helps normalize blood pressure, which helps prevent cardiovascular problems, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart attack, and stroke.

Zucchini is packed with vitamin C

100 g of fresh zucchini provide 30% of the RDA of vitamin C. This vitamin can help lower your blood pressure, prevent the formation of plaque on the walls of your arteries, helps your body metabolize cholesterol, and also has antioxidant properties. Scurvy is rare these days, but adequate intake of vitamin C prevents it.

Zucchini contains manganese

Manganese is vital for bone growth; it also helps your body metabolize proteins and carbohydrates and takes part in the production of hormones.

Zucchini also contains moderate amounts of vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, iron, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium.

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