7 Telltale Signs Of An Extrovert: They Aren't Always In A Good Mood

Date November 21, 2017

Many experts think that introversion and extroversion are inborn traits, and they start to show at an early age. Both personality types have their benefits. The word “extrovert” comes from Latin and literally means “turned outward.” If you’re an extrovert, you’re more outside-world oriented and sociable. Some people may perceive your sociability as attention-seeking, but in reality, interacting with others is vital for your mental well-being. In addition to sociability, there are other signs that can help tell someone is an extrovert.

Interacting with others makes extroverts feel energized

Extroverts like to be around people, and social interactions replenish their energy. If you are an extrovert, spending too much time alone makes you crave communication.

Extroverts speak their mind

While introverts voice their thoughts after careful consideration, extroverts tend to say whatever is on their mind, and other people may describe them as “too upfront.” If something bothers extroverts, they won’t keep it to themselves.

Extroverts have a wide range of interests

Extroverts can take an interest in many different things and become truly passionate about a few of them.

Extroverts enjoy working in groups

Not only do extroverts prefer group work, but they also like to be in charge. They are also good at planning.

It’s easy for extroverts to start a conversation

Extroverts can talk to just about everyone, and they are usually the ones who initiate contact.

If something stresses or upsets extroverts, they talk about it with others

When introverts have a problem, they process it in their heads and rarely discuss it with someone else. Extroverts, on the other hand, are willing to share their concerns with others, which makes it easier for them to reach a solution.

Extroverts are often seen as “the life of the party”

If you’re an extrovert, people who know you describe you as friendly, approachable, and a person with great initiative. When you’re in a company, you’re able to generate excitement.

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