4 Exercises And 10 Dietary Tips To Eliminate That Pesky Bra Bulge For Good

Date March 16, 2018

Many people are desperate to get rid of fat in some specific areas, such as the underarms, upper back, or waist. Fat in certain areas may seem particularly stubborn, such as the bra bulge (folds on your sides above the waist). Yes, there are exercises that target this particular area, but any weight loss effort requires a complex approach.

Below we list a few exercises that can help make your upper back and sides well-toned and some tips on weight-loss diet.

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How to eat right to lose fat

First of all, you need to revise your diet and eating habits. For your weight loss efforts to be effective, you need to burn more calories than you consume. And you need to pay attention to some specific nutrients to give your body all it needs to get into shape.

Here are some tips to make your diet weight-loss friendly:

  • drink enough water throughout the day;
  • cut out drinks that are high in sugar (such as sodas - those are just empty calories);
  • eliminate sources of trans fats from your diet;
  • never skip breakfast, as this is the most important meal of the day;
  • to make weight loss a pleasant journey, choose foods that are both nutritious and tasty;
  • consume at least 500 calories fewer than the amount you burn with exercise daily;
  • include plenty of protein-rich foods in your diet;
  • eat a few servings of vegetables that are rich in fiber daily;
  • eat meals with the following ratio: 1/2 fiber-rich vegetables, 1/4 whole grains, and 1/4 lean protein;
  • don't go on crash diets, as these can exhaust your body and create digestive problems and other issues in the long run.

Fat from your bra bulge and love handles will not be the first one to go, so you'll have to be patient to see significant results.

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Exercises to burn upper back and underarm fat.

A general recommendation for fat loss is doing moderate-intensity cardio for 250 minutes weekly and two strength-training sessions every week. There are also several particular exercises that target the muscles in your upper back, chest, and upper arm, which is what you need eliminate the bra bulge.

Jump rope

  • stand with your feet shoulder-width apart holding the rope handles at an angle so that the rope touches the ground behind you;
  • start jumping, keeping your back straight and not jumping too high;
  • jump as fast as you can for one to three minutes.

Mountain climbers

  • assume a plank position, your legs, back, and arms straight (with your hands right beneath your shoulders);
  • pull one knee towards your chest, keeping your back and arms straight;
  • quickly switch to the other leg, focus on keeping your muscles tight;
  • do 15 reps for each leg.


  • assume the initial push-up position with hands slightly wider apart than shoulder width;
  • bending at the elbows, lower your body until it’s just a few inches above the ground;
  • remain in this position for one deep breath and return to the initial position;
  • do 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Plank with arm raise

  • assume a plank position with your arms straight and your hands right beneath your shoulders;
  • keeping the rest of your body still, raise one arm to the side;
  • return to the initial position;
  • do 10 repetitions for each arm.

Keep in mind that losing excess fat through diet and exercise takes a month, and the results of your effort don't become noticeable overnight. But you'll look and feel great if you stay on track.

Source: LiveStrong, Shape Magazine, YouBeauty

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