9 Possible Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Aren't Paying Off

Date March 1, 2018

Are you trying to lose weight, but your efforts seem to be going down the drain? Eating healthier foods and exercising may not be enough to shed unwanted pounds, and there are other factors that influence the rate of your weight loss and weight gain.

Here are a few reasons why your weight loss efforts aren't paying off:

1. You aren't getting enough sleep.

Prolonged periods of inadequate sleep can lead to all sort of health issues, which include impaired metabolism. Not only does your metabolism slow down when you're chronically sleep-deprived, but you also become more likely to crave unhealthy foods high in carbs and fat and give in to these cravings more easily.

On the other hand, if you wake up well-rested, it will be easier for you to stick to your schedule. Another bonus: when you're sleeping, your body seems to be doing nothing, but actually it's burning quite a lot of calories!

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2. You're too stressed.

If you're constantly under stress, your levels of stress hormone cortisol remain elevated, and that makes your body accumulate more fat. If you're stressed, you're also more likely to give in to emotional eating.

3. You're aging.

Your metabolism naturally starts to slow down as you age. Women tend to gain weight more rapidly after they have reached menopause, and it's also harder to lose fat when you're older.

4. You don't move enough throughout the day.

To aid your weight loss efforts, stay active throughout the day, even if you hit the gym regularly. This is especially important for people whose jobs involve sitting at the desk all day. If you have to sit all day when you're at work, take breaks to walk around and stretch a little about every hour or half an hour.

5. You have an underlying health condition that hampers weight loss.

Certain health conditions, such as hypothyroidism, can make weight gain easier and weight loss harder. You may also feel too drained of energy to exercise if you have such health issue. Certain medicines can also make you gain more weight and make it difficult to lose it.

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6. You aren't drinking enough fluids.

To aid weight loss, you need to drink more low-calorie or zero-calorie drinks, such as unsweetened tea, lemon water, or just plain water. Water can also help fill your stomach and make you less hungry when your body doesn't actually need to eat.

7. There's a lack of protein in your diet.

Protein is the key nutrient for effective weight loss. It helps balance hormones that regulate satiety and hunger, and it's also very filling. Protein should constitute about a third of your daily calorie intake, so include a source of protein into every meal.

8. You aren't doing the right exercises.

To give your belly a better shape, it's important to include exercises that target the abs into your workouts. To get better results, do strength-training exercises at least twice weekly, in addition to cardio on most days of the week.

9. You aren't watching what you eat

Some people mistakenly assume that if their main meals are healthful, eating processed foods for snacks won't do much harm. But if you eat oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast and grab a hot dog when you have a break at work, it renders your weight loss efforts futile.

All in all, weight loss requires a complex approach and includes other things in addition to eating healthier and exercising. Depending on your target weight, it may take weeks or even months to reach your goal. It means that other key components in your weight loss efforts should be patience and discipline.

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