Women's Health: Is It Necessary To Remove Pubic Hair? 5 Reasons To Keep The Hair Intact

Date February 13, 2018

According to surveys, more than half of American women remove their pubic hair. They have a variety of reasons to explain why they prefer the area hairless. Some say they do it for their partners, others say they feel cleaner if the hair down there is removed. Anyway, it’s up to you whether to remove the hair from your nether regions or go natural. But if you choose to remove it, it’s important to do it right. All methods of hair removal have their pros and cons. Shaving, which is used more commonly, is quick, and the process itself is painless, but it often leads to irritation of the sensitive skin of your intimate area and ingrown hairs. Waxing removes hair more efficiently, but it’s very painful and, like shaving, harms the upper layer of the skin. Laser removal is a costly procedure and may lead to burns if not done by a professional. Trimming doesn’t hurt the skin but doesn’t allow to remove the whole hairs.

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Experts have some arguments in favor of leaving your pubic hair (or at least some of it) intact. So, here’s why it’s a good choice to keep the hair on your pubic area:

No irritation, itching, and ingrown hairs

As we mentioned above, most methods of hair removal can harm the skin on your genital area. If you chose to keep it, you will do your skin a big favor.

The hair is a natural barrier that protects from harmful bacteria

It’s wrong to think that pubic hair is unhygienic. Actually, it’s the opposite – it can help prevent harmful bacteria from getting straight into the vagina and causing all kinds of unpleasant symptoms, such as itching, burning, and discharge. Also, the presence of pubic hair doesn’t contribute to smell in any way; the smell depends on hygienic practices and the condition of your health.

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Pubic hair may protect from some STIs

There’s evidence that women who remove their pubic hair are at an increased risk of herpes and genital warts. If the skin in the intimate area is not protected by hair, it’s easier for germs to spread.

Pubic hair keeps the area drier

The hair can pull away moisture from the skin, keeping it drier and reducing the ability of bacteria to spread.

Pubic hair can keep you warm

When it’s cold, hair in your pubic area can help keep it warm, and that has a protective effect on your reproductive health.

All in all, whether to keep your pubic hair or remove it is up to you. Just keep in mind that pubic hair doesn’t make a woman less clean and actually has a few benefits for your health.

Source: The Telegraph, The Guardian, Step to Health

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