8 Not-So-Obvious Habits That Harm Women's Health

Date February 26, 2018

If you eat a good diet, exercise on most days of the week, and don't drink and smoke, it's easy to assume that your health is in top condition. But there are some common habits that harm women's health, and you may be unaware of how much damage they may be doing to your body.

Everything you do affects your well-being, and if some of the habits listed below are part of your routine, you need to kick them for good to stay healthy as long as possible.

Wearing colored contact lenses

Want to make your blue eyes brown? Think carefully before using cosmetic, non-corrective contact lenses just for fun. These lenses are usually sold without a prescription or a proper fitting by an ophthalmologist, so using them can lead to serious health problems, including blindness.

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Not getting enough sleep

Lack of energy in not the only negative result of sleep deprivation. It's now known that chronic lack of sleep can contribute to heart disease, metabolism issues, premature aging, and earlier onset of dementia. Eight hours of uninterrupted quality sleep every night is what you need to keep your mind sharp and your body healthy.

Emotional eating

Many women try to console themselves with chocolate, ice-cream, fast food, and other comfort foods when they are sad or upset. These foods provide only a temporary relief for your sadness, and they lead to weight gain and worse mood in the long run if consumed in large amounts.

Suntanning without sunscreen

If you don't apply sunscreen before spending long time in the sun, not only do you risk getting sunburned, but the risk of melanoma also increases. Long hours in the sun without wearing sunscreen can also lead to earlier aging and wrinkling of your skin.

Carrying a heavy bag

When you carry a heavy bag on one shoulder or one arm, its weigh can make your back tilt to one side and cause bad posture and back pain. If you absolutely have to carry something heavy with you, take a backpack instead of a handbag.

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Wearing high heels all the time

They may look attractive and elegant, but such footwear is not for everyday use. Wearing high heels too often can contribute to pain in the back, legs, and feet, and cause bunions to form. Wear flats or other comfortable shoes, especially when you are on your feet a lot.

Not changing pads and tampons regularly

With a hectic schedule, it's easy to forget to change your tampon or pad when you're on a period, especially if the menstrual flow is not heavy. But it's one of the things that should be done every few hours, otherwise you risk a bacterial infection.

Sleeping with makeup on

No matter how tired you are, removing makeup before going to sleep is a must. Your skin must be free of makeup, dust, and excess oil when you sleep to prevent acne and other skin problems.

Skipping pelvic and breast exams

If there's no pain or discomfort in your breasts and nether regions, it's easy to assume that nothing is wrong with your female organs. But many conditions (some of which are very serious, including cancer) that can affect a woman's breasts and reproductive system show no symptoms in the beginning. This is why it's important to have annual pelvic and breast exams even if you feel fine.

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