Putting Onions In Socks To Treat Colds And Flu: Does It Work?

Date April 5, 2018

The multiple uses of onion extend far beyond your kitchen. Onion is a popular natural remedy, and it has been used to treat various ailments for centuries. There is one rather weird way to use onions: Putting them in your socks before you go to sleep to treat the flu and cold. Some people swear by this remedy and claim it can quickly put someone with the flu or cold on their feet. But is there any truth to this claim? Let's find it out.

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How this strange remedy came into existence

It's believed that the practice of putting onions in socks derives from the ancient Chinese healing practice known as foot reflexology. According to this practice, specific areas on the soles of the feet correspond to different organs and body parts. The traditional technique involves massaging these areas to heal your body. To this date, there is no scientific evidence that this practice really works.

According to another theory, the remedy may stem from the practice of putting cut-up onions around the house, which supposedly eliminates toxins and germs in the air.

What the science has to say

According to the studies cited by HealthLine, there is no proof that putting onions in socks can somehow treat colds or flu. The claims that onion in socks is as effective as conventional treatments, or even more powerful than them, are absolutely unsubstantiated. People who say that the remedy works have probably experienced a placebo effect.

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Anyway, if you want to try this remedy, it’s unlikely to cause any harm. Simply cut an onion into slices, cover your soles with them, and fix them with socks. Take the socks off in the morning and wash your feet thoroughly to get rid of the smell.

Yet, people with certain conditions shouldn’t use it. These conditions include the following:

If you want to use onions in a way that is proven to work, simply add them to your diet. Onions contain plenty of vitamin C and other substances that can help shorten the duration of colds and flu. Onions also have a mild blood-thinning effect, which is good for your heart and vessels. To get the most out of this vegetable, it’s best to consume it raw. However, onions have a downside: They can give you a bad breath. To get rid of bad breath after eating onions, you can try one or a few natural remedies.

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