Is Drinking Warm Water Better Than Cold Water?

Date March 7, 2018

Cold water vs. warm water: Which is healthier?

Do you prefer drinking cold water to warm water? There have been claims that one is more healthful than the other. Some people say, drinking cold water can help you burn more calories as your body expends more energy to warm it up. On the other hand, in some cultures and traditional healing practices, there is a belief that warm water is better for digestion than cold water. Actually, choosing cold or warm water should depend on the situation.

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When drinking cold water is beneficial (and when it isn't)

It's true that your body uses extra calories to warm up the cold water you drink to body temperature. But the amount of calories burned is insignificant, so drinking cold water can aid weight loss only if you also exercise and eat a balanced diet.

It's also true that cold (or cool) water can prevent your body from overheating when you exercise. It can help keep your core body temperature normal.

But there are also situations when drinking cold water is not recommended. When you're down with a cold or flu, drinking cold water can make your nasal mucus thicker, making it more difficult for your body to get rid of it.

Drinking cold water may not be recommended for people with certain conditions that affect the digestive system, such as achalasia.

Cold water is also one of the triggers which bring on migraines in people who get them regularly.

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And what about warm water?

If you have sensitive teeth, you'd probably quench your thirst with warm or room-temperature water to prevent unpleasant sensations in your oral cavity.

Drinking warm water is also preferable for those who have gastrointestinal conditions. In addition to that, warm water can help stimulate circulation.

Aslo, starting your day with a glass of warm water before breakfast is a great way to jump-start your digestive system.

So, is warm water better for you?

Your body doesn't like temperature extremes, so drinking hot or ice-cold water is not advisable. But when it comes to choosing cold, warm, or room-temperature water, it is just a matter of personal taste.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the amount of water you drink daily, and not it's temperature. Drink enough water of any temperature that is comfortable for you throughout the day to keep your body hydrated.

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