Best Haircut For Women With Thinning Hair According To Stylists, And A Few Practical Tips

Date April 3, 2018

Hair loss is something all women dread. It can be caused by dietary deficiencies, stress, hypothyroidism, alopecia, chemotherapy, and plenty of other factors. Depending on the cause and degree of hair loss, there are ways to make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Loose, long hair parted in the middle may not be the best hairstyle for those with thinning hair. A different haircut or hairstyle can make it look like you have more hair. Go to a professional hairdresser who will recommend the best haircut to suit the shape of your face and make your hair look fuller.

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Here are a few general tips on how to have your hair cut if it's thinning:

  • get a layered haircut;
  • have your hair cut shorter than your shoulder level;
  • get a haircut with deep bangs, if your hairdresser recommends this.

One good option is angled bob haircut with bangs. Give it a try if you think it will look good on you!

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There are a few other tricks to make your hair look less thin. These include dyeing your hair a darker shade at the roots and a lighter shade for the rest of the hair.

To make your hair appear more voluminous, dry your hair using the hair dryer on a cool setting with your hair flipped upside down.

Another trick to add volume to your hair is to use good old hot rollers.

There are also various hairstyles to mask the thinness, such as a messy ponytail and top pulled back hairstyles.

If you suffer from major hair loss, the problem may not be just a matter of aesthetics. The best decision, in this case, is to go to your doctor who will either determine the cause of your hair loss or refer you to another specialist who will help.

Source: Everyday Health, StethNews, Good Housekeeping

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