6 Dangerous And Common Mistakes Women Make Regarding Underwear

Date April 11, 2018

The type of underpants you wear and how you wear them may have more to do with your intimate health than you think. Actually, there are a few common mistakes many women make regarding underwear. Wearing the wrong underwear or not wearing it right can put you at risk of yeast infections, bacterial infections, and other problems in the intimate area.

Below, we list six underwear mistakes women make that harm their nether regions.

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1. Wearing thongs

While many women claim that thongs are more comfortable than other types of panties, wearing them makes you more likely to get an infection. Thongs make it easier for E. coli bacteria (that normally live in your bowels) to travel from the area around the anus to the vulva, and that can lead to vaginal and bladder infections. This is why wearing thongs should be limited to special occasions.

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2. Wearing underwear made from non-breathable fabrics

Wearing panties made from silk and synthetic fabrics allows moisture to accumulate in the crotch area, creating a perfect breeding ground for yeasts and bacteria, which like moisture and warmth. Wear cotton underwear, which is more breathable, or linen panties, which are not that popular but good for your intimate area.

3. Using harsh laundry detergents to wash underwear

You may like the nice smell your underwear and other clothes have after being washed with scented laundry products, but the residue left by these products on your clothes can cause irritation and itching, especially down below. So, opt for fragrance-free, phosphate-free mild laundry detergents to wash your underwear.

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4. Not changing your underwear after exercise


As we mentioned above, yeasts and bacteria thrive in moist, warm environment. Wearing the same underwear after a workout can facilitate the growth of yeasts and bacteria and cause an infection, so take a shower after your workouts and change into clean, dry panties.

5. Wearing panties that are too tight

Not only is wearing tight panties uncomfortable, but it can also make you more likely to get an infection. If your panties are too tight, moisture accumulates and promotes the growth of bacteria and yeasts. Wear panties that fit well (they shouldn't press hard against the skin) or loose-fitting panties.

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6. Wearing the same pair of underwear two days in a row

Wearing panties from the day before is a huge no. If you got out of shower and found out that all of your underwear is in the laundry basket, it's best to ask a family member to lend you a pair of theirs. It may be a little embarrassing, but it's still better than putting on unwashed panties, as it can increase the risk of infection.

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