What's In A Hand Dryer? This Experiment May Make You Never Want To Use Hand Dryers Again

Date February 15, 2018

Do you dry your hands with a hand dryer or paper towels after using public bathrooms? A woman from California conducted an experiment with a hand dryer, and its results will make you shudder in disgust and never use a hand dryer again.

Nicole Ward set out to test how clean hand dryers in public bathrooms are. She held a petri dish under one of such appliances for 3 minutes and left the dish to sit for 48 hours. Then, she shared the results of her experiment in a Facebook post to warn the public:

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The post went viral and has now been shared more than half a million times. It also garnered plenty of disgusted reactions. Here are some of them:

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The hand dryer in question was manufactured by Dyson. A representative of the company told ABC Action News:

We’re very surprised to see these results, and unclear on the methodology employed. All Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers have HEPA filters that capture particles as small as bacteria from the washroom air before it leaves the machine. Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers are proven hygienic by university research and are trusted by hospitals, food manufacturers, and businesses worldwide.

Studies conducted to test whether it's more hygienic to use paper towels rather than hand dryers have yielded mixed results. According to some of them, using paper towels is a cleaner way to dry your hands. But others found that there's no difference, and your method of drying hands doesn’t have much of an effect on their cleanliness.

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But guess what? It's impossible to keep your hands sterile-clean when you touch anything in any public place (here's one good example: makeup store samples). And as you exit the bathroom, you touch a door handle that also has plenty of germs on it.

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So, the way to prevent germs in public places from causing harm is not touching your face (especially, nose and mouth) with unwashed hands.

Frequent hand washing is especially important now as the flu season is raging.

Source: New York Post, SF Gate, ABC Action News

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