Holding In Your Pee: When It Becomes Harmful For The Health

Date December 11, 2017 15:35

Whether it’s because your favorite TV show is on, you’re taking a long exam, or you’re simply far away from the nearest bathroom, sometimes you just can’t answer nature’s call right away. But can resisting the urge to urinate be harmful to your body? What consequences can it have for your health? Well, it depends on many different factors.

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Are there any conditions that make holding your pee dangerous?

An adult’s bladder can hold approximately 16 ounces (about half a liter, or 2 cups) of urine. If you don’t have any conditions that affect your urinary system, you may only experience slight discomfort if you fight the urge to pee for a short time.

But people with certain medical problems shouldn’t delay urination even occasionally because it can increase their risk of infection or kidney disease. These conditions include:

  • chronic urinary retention (incomplete bladder emptying);
  • neurogenic bladder;
  • enlarged prostate;
  • kidney disorders.

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If you resist the urge to urinate too often, you may put yourself at risk of a urinary tract infection (UTI). Regular urination flushes out bacteria that cause UTIs. So, if you don’t urinate regularly, the bacteria are more likely to stay in your bladder and multiply. If bladder infection occurs and is not treated properly, it may lead to something more serious and harder-to-treat – a kidney infection.

Bladder rupture: possible but very improbable

Can the bladder actually burst if there’s too much urine in it? In healthy people, the bladder will empty spontaneously if it has been too full for too long. But there are cases when the bladder can rupture, such as when it’s already injured or when a person has had too much to drink, and his or her brain can’t communicate the need to pee to the bladder.

All in all, if nothing is wrong with your urinary system, delaying a trip to the bathroom on rare occasions will not cause any significant and long-lasting damage.

Source: HealthLine, Women's Health Magazine, ScienceAlert

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