Skincare Routine: 6 Important Tips To Correctly Wash The Face

Date November 17, 2017

Many of us don’t even realize that our skin is the largest organ in the body. Skin does a really fantastic job protecting us from various infections, germs, and excessive water loss. It is also responsible for temperature regulation, sensation, and synthesis of vitamin D. That’s why it is necessary to help your skin by taking care of it. Different areas of the body require different cleaning methods.

Let’s take a detailed look at cleansing your face. You may think you know how to wash your face, but here are several tips that will help you improve your cleansing routine. Surprisingly, these steps can not only save you time but help get more glowing skin.

Wash your face twice per day

Many women cleanse away the day at night but don’t do the same in the morning. Dermatologists say that a morning cleanse is also essential. Morning routine awakes your skin and prepares it for your daytime products.

Wash your hands first

It is seriously important. To cleanse effectively, wash your hands first. You don’t want to rub more bacteria and germs all over your face, right?

Find the right cleanser for your skin, depending on your current skin type

It can be a cream or a gel cleanser. If you wear a lot of makeup, use a makeup remover as the first stage of your cleaning routine. The water temperature also means a lot to your skin. Avoid temperature extremes. Too cold or too hot water can damage your skin and cause dryness, redness or irritation.


Gently massage your face with slow motions while washing it. You may use a sponge for better results. Don’t be abrasive; it is bad for your skin.

Don’t over-cleanse your face

Even if your skin is oily or has spots, don’t do it. Excessive washing makes your sebaceous glands start excreting more sebum to compensate. This means you can end up with irritation and breakout.

Pat your face dry with a soft cloth

Be sure it is clean. Don’t use the same towel you use for your body. A piece of paper towel can be a great choice especially if you have problem skin.

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