For Noble Reasons, Queen Carries Cash In Her Purse Only One Day Of The Week

Date December 27, 2017 12:07

A woman’s purse can keep many secrets in it. Every man that asks a female what she carries in her handbag gets a usual reply “Essentials.” And if you are the Queen, what can be the most essential things to carry in a purse?

Being the Queen is the huge responsibility that makes you special in certain ways. And the Queen’s purse also has its mysteries. It turns out that Her Majesty carries cash with her only one certain day of the week. This lucky day is Sunday. Of course, being a member of the royal family means that you never have to worry about carrying cash with you, but the Queen has her noble reason.


It appears that the Queen usually has some cash in her purse on Sunday in order to make donations at the church. The representatives of the royal family say that the Queen just can’t pass it on without donating a solitary penny to the poor. That is the God’s wish. Her Majesty also makes sure not to draw attention to her offering. She usually donates £5 or £10 at the service.


The Queen is among the world's greatest supporters of charities and has helped a lot of social organizations that help people in need. She was doing more for charity in the last 60 years than probably any other monarch in the history.

Her Majesty shows a great example to other people when it comes to her charitable support. A lot of social organizations are particularly thankful for her invaluable help, making an enormous difference to millions of people all over the country.

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