Life And Ministry Of Pastor And Gospel Singer Shawn Jones

Date November 30, 2017

No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people and resting in the promises of an able God is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

The internet recently went agog with the rather unpleasant news of the passing of pastor and gospel artist – Shawn Jones.

Shawn was an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who was also a founding member of the indie rock group.

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The Unfortunate Incidence

The artist and his band of singers started performing just after 8pm on Saturday, November 25, at The Event Center in Pensacola, Florida. Shortly after Pastor Shawn and his band, The Believers, started performing “Worthy Is He,” the singer suddenly collapsed on stage!

Gospel singer and friend to pastor Shawn, Lisa Reynolds (Headland, Alabama), got a call Saturday night that her friend had died. She was stunned. She told Christian post on Monday:

It was just devastating. Nobody could believe it. Sometimes today, I still can’t believe it. One of his songs that keeps ringing in my heart, ringing in my head and I hear him sing it. ‘Lord I’m Depending on You’. That song plays over and over in my head.

Shawn Chose To Trust God Rather Than Seek Medical Attention

Prior to the unfortunate incidence that claimed his life the singer had suffered a mini stroke last summer. In a testimony he gave following that event, the singer said he chose to trust in God rather than seek immediate medical attention.

It all happened at a revival meeting where he had gone to minister in Baltimore, Maryland. He had finished preacher and sat on his seat when the pastor handed him the mic again and said, “gimme just a little bit more.”

He got the mic, started singing and out of nowhere, suddenly blanked out. In his testimony at the anniversary celebration of female gospel group at Miracle Missionary Baptist Church, Shawn said:

When I came to, the mic was on the ground and I was singing in my hand. I looked down, picked up the mic, I start singing again. Two seconds later, it happened again, couldn't hold the mic, dropped out my hand. And I was singing but I didn't know what I was singing myself. I reached down and tried to pick up the mic and for about 10 seconds I just couldn't pick it up. I just couldn't, I just couldn't.

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The Life And Legacy Of Shawn Jones

Aside from being a gospel artist, Pastor Shawn Jones is also the founding pastor of New Thing Empowerment Church – a church that grew to over 300 members in the first 4 years.

As a pastor, he believed in reaching out to people from socioeconomic backgrounds in life. It was even reported that he would occasionally find empty beer cans in front of the church that must have been disposed by people who wanted to come to church. He once said:

I think this is a testimony to really the greatness of our God - that you can come in one way but leave out another way.

In honor of his life and legacy, the church and his supporters held he Shawn Jones Legacy Concert on Monday, November 27, at 6:00 pm as well as a memorial service on Tuesday morning at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.

The video below is the recording of his last performance.

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