Pop Star Selena Gomez Takes Her Demonstration Of Faith To A New Level And Sings With Hillsong

Date November 20, 2017

Hollywood popularly dubbed Tinseltown for its glitz and glamor is the hub of unbridled entertainment. Its reputation for being an upscale playground for celebrities adds to the magic of the city.

Ask any entertainer around the world over where they would rather want to practice their career, and you will almost always get an unequivocal “Hollywood” answer in return. Of all that the city is reputed for, Jesus and Christianity certainly aren't one of them.

Most interestingly, though, in recent times, this report seems not to hold true again, as more and more celebrities are flaunting their faith in Christ to the whole world unashamedly.


Meet Selena Gomez The Pop Star

American actress and princess of pop, Selena Gomez, joins the growing list of celebrities who flaunt their faith in public.

Arguably, one of the most successful Disney stars, Selena Gomez, has so far achieved:

  • 7 Guinness World Records;
  • Received the Chart-Topper award at the Billboard Women In Music event in 2015;
  • Won the Kids’ Choice Award In The Category Of Favorite TV Actress five times in a row.

In addition to this, she has sold more than 22 million singles alone, as well as more than 7 million albums.

Her worldwide popularity is stupefying as she has amassed for herself 129 million followers on Instagram alone. These numbers are more than the population of Canada, France, Germany, or even the United Kingdom. In effect, the superstar status doesn’t get better than this.


The 25-Year-Old Faith Filled Superstar

Strikingly, for all her legendary achievements, the 25-year-old superstar is a much-grounded-in-faith young woman. She is quoted to have said once that she is closer to her church friends these days than she is to her Hollywood folks.

At a point in time, her bio on her official Instagram also bore the words “By grace through faith.” This is a statement taken directly from scriptures. Precisely, Ephesians 2:8-9.

Earlier this year, she had shared a sweet post on her Instagram, which millions of her followers connected with the world over, judging by the number of engagements the post received.

Selena Gomez Performs In Hillsong Church

In 2016, she took the attendees of Hillsong Church’s Young and Free Revival Concert in Los Angeles by surprise as she took to the stage to perform. Only that this time around, it was an original worship song, titled "Nobody," she sang.

This was a song she penned down during one of her getaway retreat with God outside of the usual spotlight that attended her life.


She was so full of gratitude to God after this performance that she took to her Instagram and wrote about it. Selena wrote about how grateful she was for God’s grace and understanding. She further said she got to perform her first worship song ever and she was thankful for it.

The baby-faced pop singer is also known to prepare for her concerts by listening to Hillsong and gathering with her team for prayer.

This is a very much welcome development in our world, a situation whereby icons and role models such as Selena Gomez are making Jesus famous as they identify with Him publicly.

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Selena Gomez Demonstration