Actress From "The Blue Lagoon": Brooke Shields Is Still Beautiful

Date November 30, 2017

Brooke Shields starred in the great cinema classic, The Blue Lagoon, while being a teenager. This story, based on a book written by Henry De Vere Stacpoole, was a huge global success in 1980.

The plot tells a story of a boy and girl who become survivors on a desert island. The film was successful due to the beauty and talent of Brooke Shield, thus giving a kick-start of her future film career.


Brooke's career has always been full of controversy, given that she started it at such a young age by often playing roles with very adult-oriented content. These performances weren't always well received by all film critics and the general public. In fact, The Blue Lagoon has its own controversy, effectively narrating the puberty of two teenagers trapped on a desert island.

However, these controversies didn't stop the actress from going on to enjoy a long film career. To date, at the age of 52, Shields has appeared in countless films and TV programs.

Her current look is still incredible and sensual. At the age of 52, Brooke Shields has a very different face to that girl from 1980, but she is still beautiful.

The actress has never been ignored by the media, and fans can always find stories about her, either in gossip magazines or TV programs about film and showbiz.

Brooke Shields has definitely coped very well with the passage of time. While her look changed, she doesn't try to hide her age. She looks very beautiful, confident, and carefree.

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Brooke Shields