Salma Hayek Traveled To South Africa In Support Of HIV At-Risk Mothers And Children

Date December 11, 2017

Being a celebrity not only means fame and fortune, but also great responsibility. As people with a big influence in the world, whose lives are closely followed by millions, celebrities can do a lot to raise awareness about the situation of those less fortunate. They can set an example by doing something to help them.

Actress Salma Hayek showed her humanitarian side on a trip to South Africa to meet with mothers and children affected by the HIV virus and to better understand the difficult situation in which they're forced to live. She got in touch with mothers via the Mothers2Mothers Foundation.

As a mom, the actress is now much better able to understand the mothers' feelings of helplessness upon seeing their babies become sick. During the visit, Salma was very open to hearing about mothers' experienced and trying to help however she could.

The Mexican also had a near-instant connection with little children, who didn't hesitate to trust her and give her a hug. Salma gave affection and a boost, both to the children as well as the mothers themselves. The actress has frequently worked with this foundation in the past year, participating in other projects such as the fight against gender violence.

Plus, she and her husband are fostering an upbringing based on solidarity and understanding for their daughter, Valentina Paloma. A short time ago, Salma proudly shared her daughter's good deed of cutting off her hair and donating it to help children with cancer.

Salma's visit to South Africa left a lot of smiles in her wake. Although it's a difficult problem to fight due to the lack of adequate hospitals on the continent, there are organizations from all over the world which are working to sow the seeds of hope and help make life easier for those who are suffering.

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