'America's Pastor' And Charismatic Evangelist Billy Graham Dies At 99

Date February 22, 2018

Billy Graham did not plan to become a Christian Minister. The son of a dairy farmer, he had big dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. But by the time he turned fifteen, he committed himself to full-time ministry.


By 1947, he held his first crusade in Grand Rapids, Mich. The citywide event drew thousands of people. After receiving an offer to host a radio show in 1949, he insisted that he would take the offer if he could raise the $25,000 for airtime in one night. And he did.

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Besides his duties to the church, Billy Graham was also an adviser to presidents. He held consultations with 12 presidents starting with Harry Truman and ending with Barack Obama.


In the span of his ministry, the charismatic man held more than 400 crusades in over 185 countries across six continents. He is estimated to have reached about 125 million people with the gospel of Christ. And many of his sermons were televised by satellite across the world.

The Greatest Evangelist ever has passed away

News of the late evangelist’s death broke on Wednesday morning. For several months, he had been battling prostate cancer, pneumonia, and symptoms of Parkinson’s. it is reported that he was with family and friends at the time of death. Already condolence messages are pouring out.

Fellow minister Joyce Meyer shared this heartfelt message on her Twitter yesterday.

Franklin Graham, son of the late minister, now heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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Tributes and condolences

The outpouring of tributes has only just begun as the entire world mourns the well-respected preacher. Even President Trump had kind words to say about the great Billy Graham.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said that the global church owed the late Billy Graham an “immeasurable and inexpressible” debt.

Billy Graham also published several books in his lifetime. He remains an inspiration to ministers around the world even in his passing. We offer our condolences to all Christians and people of faith.

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