17 Years After Surviving A 'Horrible' Random Acid Attack, Dr. Phil McGraw's Sister-In-Law Is Dead


February 28, 2018 16:34 By Fabiosa

17 years ago, Cindi Broaddus was the victim of a random acid attack. She was driving on a freeway from Newcastle, Oklahoma, to San Diego when the assailant emptied acid on her car. The liquid burnt through her windshield and caused severe damage to her face and even internal organs.

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Her friend Jim was also in the vehicle. He recalls Cindi screaming in fright immediately after the attack.

Cindi later spent three weeks in hospital receiving treatment for severe burns. 70% of her body had been affected, and doctors said her chances were minimal. Her family was by her side during this trying period.

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And Cindi was never one to be kept down by tragedy. Six weeks after the incident, she was back on her feet and worked like usual.

Tragic passing

Cindi Broaddus has passed on at the age of 68. She died on Monday 19th. Her obituary was announced in The Duncan Banner. A funeral has been set for Friday, February 23. It was also her birthday.

In celebration, her sister Robin shared this collage on Instagram. It featured photographs of Cindi over the years.

Being a victim gets you nowhere. Make every day count. We are all here on the earth for some reason. - Cindi Broaddus

Following her near-death experience, Cindi wrote the book A Random Act: An Inspiring True Story of Fighting to Survive and Choosing to Forgive. In it, she spoke about her experience and the life lessons she had learned after. She also took up public speaking with lots of support from Dr. Phil McGraw.

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