4-Year-Old ‘Superhero’ Donates Bone Marrow To Twin Baby Brothers

Date March 2, 2018

Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) or Bridges–Good syndrome is a group of hereditary diseases. It affects the immune system and results in recurring infections. Pneumonia, abcesses, suppurative arthritis, osteomyelitis, bacteremia/fungemia, and cellulitis are the most common diseases people with CGD suffer.

Most people who suffer it are children under 5. Their bodies are unable to fight off organisms that cause disease.

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Hope for Santino and Giovanni

Twins Santino and Giovanni were born prematurely on October 14, 2017. After spending 5 weeks in the hospital, they were allowed to go home. Sadly, doctors found out the twins had CGD.

The only way to keep the twins healthy is through a bone marrow transplant. And the twin’s elder brother, 4-year-old Michael, is a perfect match.

When Michael’s parents asked if he would help save his brother, he gave the most loving reply. ‘I’m gonna give them with my bone marrow!’. Michael was a bit frightened when his parents explained the procedure to him. But Michael put on a brave face and will get it done.

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Operation has been scheduled

On March 8, Santino and Giovanni will receive the transplant from their big brother. The twins are undergoing chemotherapy in a Philadelphia hospital to deactivate their immune systems. This is in preparation for the procedure.

Michael's parents, Robin Pownall, 31, and Michael DeMasi, 35, are overjoyed. This one act of love is a warm reminder that even children too can be inspirational.

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